UK Intestacy Rules Flow Chart

Intestacy Rules Flow Chart

What happens if you die without having a will in the UK The term children includes illegitimate and adopted children, but not step-children.If those relatives were not living at the date of your death but they left descendants who are, then those descendants would usually inherit the share their parent would have taken had they survived you.Please note that this information is provided as … [Read more...]

Write a Will in 2014 and protect your loves ones

writing a will

I can put off writing my Will – can’t I?New Year’s Resolutions are apparently made to be broken, and many people set off at the turn of the year with good intentions to write their Will but here we are in February and so it goes on.The truth is if you are one of them you are not alone; with about 65 per cent of the adult population having the same lethargy.All I can conclude is that … [Read more...]

Redundancy Insurance options


Legal & General ‘Lifetsyle’ Redundancy Cover Reviewed Loosing your job is a scary thought for most employees so protecting your income through redundancy cover is an excellent idea. This is even more important if you have taken on a large credit commitment such as a mortgage or loan.In recent years taking out unemployment cover has been an expensive exercise and those who chose to do it … [Read more...]

Free Tax Assessment On Your Buy To Let With Multiple Occupants

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Buy to Let Tax advice service We have been coming across a number of clients who are paying too much tax on their existing buy to lets with multiple tenants in them. It’s not their fault, and it’s not even obvious to their accountants who often are multi-facetted not necessarily property tax experts.The key area that is often missed is the property capital allowance element. If you think you … [Read more...]

Looking for investment returns with low risks


Fed up of disappointing savings rates? Want a safe place to invest? Improve your chances of making money without the riskBy Richard Stokes, Independent Financial Adviser Savings rates are generally poor and have been for the last few years. So why do the British public obsess about keeping their money in the building society? Well it’s not just a case of better the devil you know – many … [Read more...]

High net worth insurance

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When it comes to high net worth home insurance look beyond the sales gimmicks Getting home insurance for high net worth properties is an essential part of managing risk and when it comes to finding a suitable cover it is essential that you partner with a specialist within this sector.It can be easy to fall into the trap of collecting cute mammal soft toys from internet web portals but when … [Read more...]

High-value home insurance

Home Insurance

High-value home insurance buildings and contents for UK  properties over a million poundsBefore I wrote this article I typed in Google ‘high-value home insurance’ and I was inundated with lots of adverts and links on all or claiming that they had the right solution.In reality most of those sites were just generic comparison sites offering vanilla products usually limited to £1 million … [Read more...]

Insurance costs to go up after the EU gender directive

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The cost of protecting your family and belongings is set to rise after 21 December 2012For quite a number of years life insurance costs have been actually going down for many and one of the biggest beneficiaries have been women in general as statistically they live longer. This has meant significantly lower charges for ensuring women for insurances but this is set to change on 21 December 2012 … [Read more...]

Will I Get Tax Relief On My Pension Contributions

Do I qualify for tax rebate on what I’m paying into my pension? There are two main criteria when assessing whether you will qualify for tax relief on your pension contributions:Whether you are considered to be a ‘relevant UK person’ How much you have already contributed in the yearAs you might expect there any many legal technicalities round the qualification for tax relief on personal … [Read more...]

Personal Pension advice for self employed business owners

Self invested personal pensions (SIPPs)

Getting the right pension advice is key if your self employed want to plan for your retirement in the right way. If you are self employed I should imagine you do not have time to trawl through pension brochures and their small print, and dare I say even pause to think about your income in retirement. Time does appear to accelerate as you get older. Personally, I cannot believe my kids have … [Read more...]